Simple Links

Simple Links WordPress Plugin

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The built in WordPress Links Manager has become deprecated due to many shortcomings. This plugin attempts to recreate the same concept while removing those shortcomings.

Some of the features this plugin offers:

  • Drag and Drop link ordering
  • Featured Image Style Image Attaching
  • Short-code capabilities with a short-code generating form
  • Additional usable Fields
  • Many Widget Options
  • Import links from the WordPress Links manager
  • Options to remove the WordPress Links Manager from the dashboard
  • Flexible Permissions

The outputs, admin screens, and permissions are extendable for developers familiar with using filters.

Most of the frequently asked questions can be answered by going to the “help” section in the top right corner of wordpress’ screens once the plugin is installed. It adds information to each applicable screen like, simple link settings, pages, widgets, posts, etc.


Basic Usage

Once the plugin is activated you may follow these steps to get up and running:

  1. Look for the menu on the left titled “Simple Links”. (It has a blue puzzle piece)
  2. Under this menu you will find an “Add Link” link. Use this to add some links. This process is very similar to adding posts with a some extra options. Read the descriptions next to options for info.
  3. If you would like to display your links on a page or post go to step 4, otherwise go to step 5.
  4. Add or edit a page or post like normal. This time look for the blue puzzle icon where you add content. If you don’t see it you may have to click the “kitchen sink” icon. Click the puzzle icon and use this form to generate your short-code. See options below or the help menu in the top right corner of the page or post editing screen for more info.
  5. If you would like to display your links in a sidebar or widget area, go to step 6. Otherwise you are done!
  6. Go to Appearance menu on the left and click the Widgets links. Open the widget area or sidebar you want to use and drag the Simple Links widget to this area. Select the options you want then click Save. For more info see below or the help menu in the top right corner of the widgets screen.
  7. Enjoy!



You Can add a Simple Links List anywhere on the site by using the shortcode [simple-links]

Look for the puzzle button on the post and page content editors for a form that generates the shortcode for you

Supported Options:
category = “Comma separated list of Link Category Names or Ids” – defaults to all
include_child_categories = “true of false – to include links from your selected categories’ child categories as well as links from your selected categories – defaults to false”
orderby = “title, random, or date” – defaults to link order
order = “DESC or ASC” – defaults to ASC
count = “Number of links to show”
show_image = “true or false” – to show the link’s image or not
image_size = “Any size built into WordPress or your theme” – default to thumbnail
fields = “Comma separated list of the Link’s Additional Fields to show”
description = “true or false” – to show the description – defaults to false
show_description_formatting = “true of false” – to display paragraphs to match the editor’s content – defaults to false
separator = “And characters to display between fields and description” – defaults to “-”
id = “An optional id for the outputed list”

e.g. [simple-links show_image=”true” image_size=”medium” count=”12″]



You May Add as Many Simple Links Widgets as You Would Like to Your Widget Areas

Widget Options:
Categories = “Select with link categories to pull from”
Include Child Categories Of Selected Categories = “If checked, links from your selected categories’ child categories will display as well as links from your selected categories”
Order Links By = “The Order in Which the Links will Display – defaults to link order”
Order = “The Order in which the links will Display”
Show Description = “Display the Link’s Description”
Show Description Formatting = “Display paragraph formatting to match the content in the description editor”
Number of Links = “Number of links to show”
Show Image = “Check the box to display the Link’s Image”
Image Size = “The Size of Image to Show if the previous box is checked”
Include Additional Fields = “Display values from the Link’s Additional Fields”
Field Separator = “And characters to display between fields and description”