Advanced Sidebar Menu – PRO


SKU: asm-pro

Product Description

This plugin works along with the basic plugin version to adds additional widget options and functionality. The basic version may be found and downloaded here

See Usage Developer Docs


The Pro version adds the following functionality:

  1. Ability to customize each link’s text
  2. Click and drag styling for both the page and category widgets
  3. Styling options for links including color, background color, size,  and font weight
  4. Styling options for different levels of links
  5. Styling options for the current page or category
  6. Styling options for the parent of the current page or category
  7. Block styling options including borders and border colors **NEW**
  8. Bullet style selection from 7 styles or select none to have no bullets
  9. Current page parent only for the page widget
  10. Accordion menu support for pages
  11. Accordion menu support for categories **NEW**
  12. Accordion icon selection from 4 styles of icons
  13. Accordion icon color selection **NEW**
  14. Accordion close all sections **NEW**
  15. Include parent in accordion **NEW**
  16. Ability to exclude a page from all menus using a simple checkbox
  17. Link ordering for the category widget
  18. Number of levels of pages to show


This purchase is for unlimited use and lifetime updates. You may use it on as many sites as you would like forever.
100% of all proceeds from purchases are put back into support and development of this plugin.

Here are some examples of menus (All styles shown are built into the widget options)

Example of an accordion menu using block styling and some basic background colors.
Example of an accordion menu using block styling and some basic colors.
Basic menu with block styling
Example of a basic menu with block styling and some basic background colors
Example of a basic menu using black colored links, decimal bullets, and current page bold.
Example of a basic menu with color selected per level and square bullets.