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Advanced Sidebar Menu


This plugin has support for internationalization translations. However it does not come built in with the different languages. If you wish to help out by translating this plugin, you may find the .pot file in the languages folder of the plugin. Please send me your .mo translation files and I will add them to the plugin.

For now if you are familiar with using the ‘load_plugin_textdomain()’, hook you may use it with the domain ‘advanced-sidebar-menu’ to use your translations. Uploading a complete .mo file to the languages folder of the plugin will work the same way, however it will be deleted when you update the plugin unless you already sent it to me and I have added it.


Template Overrides

You may override the full output of the either widget by using a template override. In the plugins folder you will find a folder named views. The following files will be found there:

  1. category_list.php – category widget output
  2. page_list.php – page widget output
  3. sidebar-menu.css – built in css used when option is selected in widget

To use your own file, simply create a folder in you active theme named advanced-sidebar-menu. Copy any of the above named files into that folder and the plugin will automatically use your version of the file.

Filters List

Page Widget

do_action(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_page_widget_form’, $instance, $this->get_field_name(‘parent_only’), $this->get_field_id(‘parent_only’) );

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_page_widget_update’, $newInstance, $oldInstance );

apply_filters( ‘advanced_sidebar_menu_excluded_pages’, explode(‘,’, $instance[‘exclude’]), $post, $args, $instance, $asm );

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_post_type’, ‘page’, $args, $instance, $asm ?);

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_proper_single’, $proper_single, $args, $instance, $asm)

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_top_parent’, $top_parent, $post, $args, $instance, $asm )

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_order_by’, $instance[‘order_by’], $post, $args, $instance, $asm )

apply_filters( ‘advanced_sidebar_menu_child_pages’, $child_pages, $post, $args, $instance, $asm );

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_page_widget_output’,$content, $args, $instance )

Category Widget

do_action(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_category_widget_form’, $instance );

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_category_widget_update’, $newInstance, $oldInstance )

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_taxonomy’, ‘category’, $args, $instance );

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_proper_single’, $asm->checked(‘single’), $args, $instance)

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_category_orderby’, ‘name’, $args, $instance )

apply_filters( ‘advanced_sidebar_menu_category_ids’, $cat_ids, $args, $instance )

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_category_widget_output’, $content, $args, $instance )

Main Class

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_first_level_category’, $return, $cat, $this)

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_second_level_category’, $return, $cat, $this)

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_page_ancestor’, $return, $pID, $this)

apply_filters(‘widget_title’, $this->instance[‘title’], $this->args, $this->instance );

apply_filters(‘advanced_sidebar_menu_widget_title’, $title, $this->args, $this->instance, $this )

apply_filters( ‘advanced_sidebar_menu_template_part’, $file, $file_name, $thisĀ );