A Small Glimpse Into Mat’s World

Inject This

The current programming community appears to be split on the concept of using Dependency Injection within projects and applications. Notice how I made Dependency Injection uppercase. This was done on purpose to highlight how strongly […]

Why I Avoid PHP Short Array Syntax

A while back when PHP 5.4 was released, a new feature was added called “Short array syntax”. Basically it is ability to define arrays using [] instead of array(). Many other programming languages define arrays […]

WordPress 4.4 And React JS

As many of you know, part of the REST api was added to WordPress core in version 4.4. The endpoints are not there yet, but you can install the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-rest-api/ which works seemlessly with core […]

WP 4.3.0

I just released a full set of plugin updates to verify compatibility with version 4.3.0 which is slated to be available on August 18th. These updates include all of my premium plugin as well as […]

Self Neglect

Earlier this week I logged on to this site and noticed that I have not blogged in a year. Somehow this came as a surprise to me. I’m currently engineering more than ever. Every single […]

Why I code in white

As some of you may noticed during a Google Hangout screen-share with me, I code on a white background. To a non programmer this probably does not seem strange at all, yet you see comments […]