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My name is Mat Lipe

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You might know me as the guy who looms around at WordCamps or mysteriously lurks in online WordPress groups and forums waiting for the perfect moment to jump in and make someone’s project a whole lot easier. You may know me as the guy who vanishes for months at a time to make things work that others have publicly said could not be done. You may have seen my work on the web, modestly authored by ‘Mat Lipe’.

The truth is I live for this stuff. The web gives me a canvas of pure creation that allows me to play super hero and take my imagination to the next level. WordPress is both my hobby and my job. I give back freely to the community out of pure gratitude for all the wonderful developers just like me who believe in collaboration. This beautiful network has allowed me to turn my freelance work into my full time profession.

When I am not programming you will find me seeking out new experiences. I spend a lot of time mountain biking far off the beaten path or scuba diving the deep corners of iron mines. I am always down for a game of disc golf or trying out a new restaurant.

To other developers out there, if you like something you see, let me know. I am happy to throw it up on GitHub as long as it is not client work of course.


I spend a lot of time completing things that can’t be done. Here at Mat Lipe Dot Com, anything is possible.

WordPress Plugins




Finding a plugin to add the right functionality to your site, is valuable. Being able to extend or create a plugin to do exactly what you want, is priceless.

A Small Glimpse Into

Mat's World

Why I code in white

As some of you may noticed during a Google Hangout screen-share with me, I code on a white background. To a non programmer this probably does not seem strange at all, yet you see comments all over the web of programmer talking about being blinded by the light. If you have been part of an […]

Top 10 ways you know you are a WordPress addict

10. When writing emails and posts you use the word “excerpt” instead of except. 9. When people ask what you have been up to your reply with, “Haven’t you been reading my blog?”. 8. You have your music organized by great for working on WordPress and not great for working on WordPress. 7. When peers […]

I’m So Lonely – A MySQL cry for help.

A long time ago in a far away office… Developing a web app meant breaking out your favorite text editor and starting to write code. Every line of code had to be written from scratch and the text editor was not a lot of help. During this period to survive as a PHP developer you […]

Going Pro – fact and fiction

If you have been following my WordPress career’s progress you have probably heard me say things like “All my plugins are free for a reason” or “I don’t want to handle the support of a premium plugin”. With that in mind it probably came as a surprise when I published the Advanced Sidebar Menu Pro […]

Why I write everything in oop

Once upon a time in a far away land…. Or at least when I was rocking only 2 screens, a door for a desk, and spent a majority of my time using the Cisco CLI…. Actually let me back up before that and circle back. Many year ago while I was finishing my Network Administration […]

The possibilities when designing a site with WordPress are immense indeed.


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